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It’s an interesting question that I was recently made to seriously consider by a great AIP and Herbalife leader Gideon Basson on a strategy call.

And the question he posed has really made me more grateful than ever for these products, this business, the people and philosophies, the life lessons, growth and benefits in every way (personal, spiritual and of course, hugely financial).

You see, I was a “lost child”, determined to make something of life, but my philosophies (the set of the sail that determines our life’s direction irrelevant of what winds blow on our life) sucked! I thought the world owed me something, not that I had to go and become something more valuable? My attitude sucked (I used to think it was always somebody else’s fault that things were not going my way… Never that I was actually the problem and that I could grow to fix it.)

In fact… I had nothing! I was a sales rep making about R5,000 a month going nowhere fast… And my health was on a downward spiral! I did not own a home, drove cars on borrowed money from my mother Glen Finnegan, (Wayne Meiring and Juliet Kasenge and Howard Warner, Gillian Warner will remember my old ”V”Uno, and had nothing in my home or life I could honestly say I was proud of! I even had a car repossessed and

My goal setting skills, family, people skills, financial planning, strategic thinking, sales skills, recruiting skills, inventive design skills, organisation skills, team-building, nutritional knowledge, mentoring and coaching skills, health, wealth and future thinking skills were non-existent!

Through Herbalife we have learned and gained so much! Beyond regaining vitality and health. Beyond owning millions of Rands in cars! Beyond multi-million Rand homes! Beyond private schools for kids and global travel and international holidays with the kids! Beyond recognition and acknowledgement every day that really build self esteem. Beyond a family of note, a wife Kelly Yeatman and children Rianette Landman, Lauren Heather-ann Peacock and Clayton that I am blessed and lucky beyond words to have, who stun me every day with their AWESOMENESS. Beyond even a paycheck every month now that is WELL over FIVE TIMES WHAT I USED TO EARN IN A YEAR….

You see….. we now live a dream of family values, love, laughter, opportunity, positivity, thinking happily about the future, planning new goals and dreams as we forge our way deeper into learning more, being more, becoming more, offering more to more people and trying every day to make a difference to somebody else’s life…. Surrounded by a ”family” of friends and distributors who all make positive contributions to our life every day! Thank you to every single one of you!

What a dream? It’s only because I CHOSE to stick around and let myself be “affected” by the lessons we get to learn here!

Before I found this amazing company, I could not have told you what the next 5 years of my life will hold!

Now… I can tell you 100%! It will hold us using the Herbalife products every day! It will hold us helping new and old customers find greater health and vitality every day. It will hold us continuing to search out and mentor people who want a better life for themselves and their families. It will hold us growing, learning, developing and deepening our family bonds, Herbalife Business, relationships with incredible friends (our distributors) and loving every moment that we have been blessed with!

I am a Herbalife Distributor!
I owe the many blessings that I have in my life to the choice I made to be a Herbalife distributor!

I will be a Herbalife distributor for the rest of my life!

Brett Yeatman

What’s your story? Start with a heading on a new post WHAT WAS LIFE LIKE FOR YOU BEFORE HERBALIFE?



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This is a very Happy Herbalife Day today for me!

Celebrated at our club with some Cake 33yrs ago is when Herbalife was founded by Mark Hughes…. what a man, to go through the ups and downs in his life, he truly is an inspiration, he had a Dream and a Vision to make things happen and we today are doing it too, I am a Proud Herbalife Distributor!

Let me tell you how it all started 31/01/2013 Yes it started yesterday!!!!

Monthend is goals and targets needed to be reached and all I can say is Oh my Goodness what a month I had 24 new signed-up distributors/discount customers in my organization, but still at the back of my mind I wanted to believe it would happen but its not going to happen….. “I’m not going to make it”  I wanted to to achieve the 15 000vp’s to get to 750 Royalites to qualify for the Drakensberg Retreat in June, I wanted to be cross with myself and thought WHY I have achieved so much this month with my team that I never would have dreamed of, My Supervisors made this all happen they are all Superstars!!…. Donne (my sister in NY) Tanya & Gavin, Melodie & Roger, Razia & Juane, Eddie & Tash & Morne all have had wonderful momentum in Jan.

I can tell you I was really pretty bummed that I was not going to get there, but as they say always a reason why, I sent my messages out to my Uplines Brett and Kelly Yeatman & my sponsor Eureka van Der Merwe to let them know that my monthend was done and that I needed to finish off another monthend, did I mention that I do Herbalife  part-time???   Yes I do, I help my husband with the books/invoicing, wife and mother of 2 wonderful boys Nathan (10) Mathew (7).

This morning I when I woke my day was all set and planned of things that I had to do…appointments, deliveries fetch kids early from school, pay wages etc……

I got home this afternoon and thought let me see what is happening in my organization what does the vp for the month of January look like……(while I was looking at my total vp, I got this funny feeling almost a sick feeling in my stomach) there is always a chance that a few Vp’s will get updated, I was stunned…. am I seeing correctly???

Looks like .. I might just have made the 15 000vp….who would have thought!

My next STEP is 20 000vp for 3 months in a row to make G.E.T. Team – Global Expansion team its where everything Happens!!


On the 1st Septemeber 2013 i qualified for GET TEAM….my Next Goal is GET 2500 r/o for the New PIN! and to Qualify for the Pres team retreat in Monte Carlo in Dec 2014!



First of many Shake Parties…

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Gen Shake Party

Gen's Shake party


Who do you know in Bloemfontein?

Gideon Basson is giving training in
Bloemfontein this weekend.
2 February 2013

Who do you know in Port Elizabeth?

Don’t miss Special Guest Speaker President’s Team Member Brett Yeatman on Saturday, 02 February 2013.

Port Elizabeth on Saturday, 2 February 2013

09h00 -Pre Meeting
09h30 -Registration
10h00 -Training starts
15h30 – Training ends
The Wellness Centre, 4 Clevedon Road, Mount Croix

Directions:  Up Albany Road, right into Westbourne Road and first right. No 4 about 100m on the left (opposite Video Tavern in Westbourne Road)

Special Guest:President’s Team Member BRETT YEATMAN.
Stuart Haller, 0714286767,


Ronell Ramanna’s Weightloss Story

Yet another inspiring success story!

Ronell Ramanna has lost 10kgs and is down from a size 36 to a size 32. She’s looking amazing!!

Well done to Herbalife Distributor and dear friend Ronell Ramanna on your amazing weightloss. What an amazing journey it has been so far, I’m so very proud of you!

Ronell Ramanna Weightloss Story

Ronell Ramanna's Weightloss Story


Pamper Party at Club AIP

What an exciting day!

Club AIP hosted our first Pamper Party! It was a successful and very relaxed gathering with many in attendance.

We tried out some of Herbalife’s skincare products. Many refreshing Thermo Drinks and tasty shakes were enjoyed by all.

Looking forward to hosting many more successful Pamper Parties at the Club A.I.P. – Herbalife Centre.

AIP Pamper Party

AIP Pamper Party