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My Journey with Herbalife – 2010 – 2014

Published on February 24, 2013, by in Uncategorized.

My Journey with Herbalife has been nothing but amazing… i had a problem, i seriously did not think i was overweight…Ja right, i bought clothes because it made me feel good.

I decided that i needed to lose weight, and that was not an easy decision… my husband said to me one day, that I must do something with my weight.  I called my good friend Kelly Yeatman and asked her to help me… i was a discount customer and at that time my herbalife buying privilages was expired as i never bought, “I was a ~WIN BACK CUSTOMER”.   My life changed and all I can say is ‘thank-you’ Kelly.   I was one of those things that happen in your life where everything seemed like the timing was right…. I started on the products properly and the weight started falling off, and that is how I became a Herbalife Distributor, I love the Business and I love the people that I get to work with everyday and people I help to lose weight.


Nat Fat 20102013 feb

I have lost a total of 30kgs, I am feeling amazing, and I have enjoyed myself with herbalife.  I am a part time Distributor with a Full Time attitude, if you want to join to earn a little extra everymonth you can its just so easy….



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