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This is a very Happy Herbalife Day today for me!

Celebrated at our club with some Cake 33yrs ago is when Herbalife was founded by Mark Hughes…. what a man, to go through the ups and downs in his life, he truly is an inspiration, he had a Dream and a Vision to make things happen and we today are doing it too, I am a Proud Herbalife Distributor!

Let me tell you how it all started 31/01/2013 Yes it started yesterday!!!!

Monthend is goals and targets needed to be reached and all I can say is Oh my Goodness what a month I had 24 new signed-up distributors/discount customers in my organization, but still at the back of my mind I wanted to believe it would happen but its not going to happen….. “I’m not going to make it”  I wanted to to achieve the 15 000vp’s to get to 750 Royalites to qualify for the Drakensberg Retreat in June, I wanted to be cross with myself and thought WHY I have achieved so much this month with my team that I never would have dreamed of, My Supervisors made this all happen they are all Superstars!!…. Donne (my sister in NY) Tanya & Gavin, Melodie & Roger, Razia & Juane, Eddie & Tash & Morne all have had wonderful momentum in Jan.

I can tell you I was really pretty bummed that I was not going to get there, but as they say always a reason why, I sent my messages out to my Uplines Brett and Kelly Yeatman & my sponsor Eureka van Der Merwe to let them know that my monthend was done and that I needed to finish off another monthend, did I mention that I do Herbalife  part-time???   Yes I do, I help my husband with the books/invoicing, wife and mother of 2 wonderful boys Nathan (10) Mathew (7).

This morning I when I woke my day was all set and planned of things that I had to do…appointments, deliveries fetch kids early from school, pay wages etc……

I got home this afternoon and thought let me see what is happening in my organization what does the vp for the month of January look like……(while I was looking at my total vp, I got this funny feeling almost a sick feeling in my stomach) there is always a chance that a few Vp’s will get updated, I was stunned…. am I seeing correctly???

Looks like .. I might just have made the 15 000vp….who would have thought!

My next STEP is 20 000vp for 3 months in a row to make G.E.T. Team – Global Expansion team its where everything Happens!!


On the 1st Septemeber 2013 i qualified for GET TEAM….my Next Goal is GET 2500 r/o for the New PIN! and to Qualify for the Pres team retreat in Monte Carlo in Dec 2014!


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  1. Nats…. You are a LEGEND!!! If you build it, they will come! And boy oh boy are you building it!

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