NOW AVAILABLE – 3 Day Trial Packs.

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NOW AVAILABLE! ~ 3 day trial packs.
Only 10 in stock…
I’m looking for 10 people who are looking to:
Lose some excess weight
Drop a dress size or two
Tone up
Get ripped
Lead a healthy lifestyle

What you’ll get:
A FREE wellness checkup
Full body analysis
Full support
Weighed and measured
3 days of nutrition

For more information, please inbox me, Email me or Contact me on +27828717194



It’s HOT it’s happening on the 30-04-2014

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Weight loss Challenge is starting

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Date – 30/04/2014

Place – Port Shepstone

Time – 12:30-1:30

Inbox me for details how to JOIN

0828717194 0r


Amazing Herbalife results…. I love what I do!

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Are you getting enough calories in the day to keep you going?

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With BREAKFAST everyone needs a healthy Breakfast and WOW all i can say is that we have been making the most delicious shakes!

have you tried this shake yet??

2 x scoops Chocolate shake

1 x scoop rebuild strength, ICE, 200ml water and a dash of yoghurt and Blend it… you might need a spoon to scoop and eat….



ON-line Links…

Have a look at my online site…  just decided to give it a go and see how it goes, no matter where you are in the world…..



Healthy Breakfast ….What your body needs to start with.

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For 1 shake you would need to eat all of that!

For 1 shake you would need to eat all of that!


Becoming a Herbalife Independent Distributor…and get 25% Discount… Its so easy!!

We are  just loving the Herbalife business and products, and more and more people are getting great health results, losing weight & feeling better. There is such an easy way to  get you up and registered as a Herbalife Distributor-How  to get started on the products? All you have to do is go to<>  and get yourself registered as a distributor (no obligations, no purchase requirements and no HAVE-TO). All you need is my ID number (46260538) and my surname (MILTON)and you will be registered immediately, on the system, able to order your own products at a 25% discount and have them delivered to your door whenever you need them. (And of course there is always the potential business opportunity that comes with it, able to grow & supply customers, plus build a team of distributors all over the world…). I’d love to get you started … Interested?  With ordering online it is cheaper and it gets sent to you within days.




10years Younger….

10 years ago, and I can say is my goodness I never thought I was over weight… Well when I found this picture I can now say I was FAT I never ever want to get like that again…Even my husband Maurice is looking good.

10 Years Young..

There is time for you to do something …Shed those unwanted kg’s start looking and feeling great!


My Journey with Herbalife – 2010 – 2014

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My Journey with Herbalife has been nothing but amazing… i had a problem, i seriously did not think i was overweight…Ja right, i bought clothes because it made me feel good.

I decided that i needed to lose weight, and that was not an easy decision… my husband said to me one day, that I must do something with my weight.  I called my good friend Kelly Yeatman and asked her to help me… i was a discount customer and at that time my herbalife buying privilages was expired as i never bought, “I was a ~WIN BACK CUSTOMER”.   My life changed and all I can say is ‘thank-you’ Kelly.   I was one of those things that happen in your life where everything seemed like the timing was right…. I started on the products properly and the weight started falling off, and that is how I became a Herbalife Distributor, I love the Business and I love the people that I get to work with everyday and people I help to lose weight.


Nat Fat 20102013 feb

I have lost a total of 30kgs, I am feeling amazing, and I have enjoyed myself with herbalife.  I am a part time Distributor with a Full Time attitude, if you want to join to earn a little extra everymonth you can its just so easy….